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IT Training

Find out what system is being used by your booked practices ahead of time. Preparation is the key- all systems are different, and it is uncomfortable in the least to be using a new system ‘blind’, and at worst it’s unsafe.

There are four clinical systems in use currently in England:

  • EMIS web
  • SystmOne
  • Vision
  • Evolution

With a little preparation it really is not a big deal. And feeling comfortable using a variety of systems opens up your opportunities as to where you can work.

The best way of gaining confidence using a system is just having a play around when the pressure is not on. If the practice is using a system that is new to you, ask for someone at the practice to show you around it ahead of your session. At best this could be on your pre-session visit, but some locums might advocate arriving an hour early for your first session to give you time to do this.

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