Locum Organiser costs just £12 per month to use as much as you like.

And that’s tax deductible.



For new users, we have a free trial period of 3 months.

Ample time to see if our service fits the bill


Free for Practices

Practices don’t have to pay to use our site to help them find locums. We provide a free service to practices in order to help our locums get work.


Cost Effective

If you choose to use LO to help you get work, it usually only needs to bring in one half-day session to pay for itself for the year – then your admin is effectively taken care of for free!

No strings attached

Of course, we hope everyone will find it invaluable and well worth the fee, certainly most do, but there’s no obligation for anyone to continue their membership and it’s not necessary to enter credit card details to start the trial.

Should you wish to stop using the service, you can close your account at any time. There’s no notice period or tie-in.

Alternatively, if you have a break from locuming, say for maternity leave, travelling etc. we can suspend your subscription so you stop paying, but we’ll keep all your data for your return. Just pay when you want to start using the system again.

  • "Just wanted to say the site is great - really helps the organisation side of locuming and takes away some of the stress! Thanks so much"

  • "Locum Organiser is my lifeline at the moment! I'm booking locum work up and it has been wonderful - such a huge help to keeping myself organised."

  • "I have nothing but good things to say about your website - it was a great help in the world of locuming."

  • Dr. Stephanie De Giorgio

    "Going back to locuming after a few years as a partner was terrifying because of one issue, the paperwork involved. It had been enough to make me give up locuming previously and I was dreading having to navigate it again. Luckily, in the intervening few years, LocumOrganiser had been invented. I saw it advertised on social media and heard other people talk about it so had a look at the website and downloaded a trial. Now, imagine finding something that makes you so happy you actually dance around the room. Well I did. The way that the team have created this website means that invoicing, pension forms, expenses etc is almost effortless once you have put in a few details to start with. The other thing that they have done brilliantly are the help bits. I have found answers to questions I had quickly and easily. The team are also easily contactable for any questions that I had. Sometimes you find something that takes away an issue that has been using up so much of your headspace fretting about it………..locum organiser is one of those things. Genius."

    Portfolio GP

  • "Thanks for providing such a great website, has got me really organised!"

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