Since 2010

Locum Organiser was started back in 2010 by Dr Sian Mew, a GP locum and me, Chris Mew, a web developer.

diaryBefore then, we had made a pretty basic site to help Sian and her GP locum friends share their availability with GP practices. It worked. Sian and her colleagues got more bookings and the practices saved time.

We reckoned other locums and practices would benefit so we decided to go for it and create Locum Organiser – a site with all the tools a GP locum might need, particularly to save time on admin.

Rapid growth

Membership grew rapidly. This soon taught us however, that GP locums work in slightly different ways; what works for one locum may not quite fit the bill for another. Locuming is flexible after all and this means a site has to be flexible enough to support the various ways in which people choose to work.


Now, 8 years down the line, the feedback from literally thousands of locums has been distilled into the site. Its design can now fairly be said to have been crowdsourced!

We aim to support our locums as best we can. Our feedback on this point has been great, which is rewarding for me as this is my full-time job. Certainly, it helps to have written the code when providing support and it makes me uniquely placed to translate suggestions from locums into future features.

It’s constantly evolving. We keep listening and we keep building.

In 2017, Locum Organiser merged with Lantum, a total workforce management platform for healthcare. Over the years many GPs had asked me if Locum Organiser could also offer jobs. I looked at building this myself but having used Lantum’s technology, I thought it would be even better for us to work together. I am excited to say that Locum Organiser is now part of the Lantum offer.

I’m also very proud to say we’ve helped thousands of locums over the years. Please give us a go and see if we can help you too!

  • "I have recently started locuming and am finding your locum organiser site really useful, thankyou!"

  • Dr. Stephanie De Giorgio

    "Going back to locuming after a few years as a partner was terrifying because of one issue, the paperwork involved. It had been enough to make me give up locuming previously and I was dreading having to navigate it again. Luckily, in the intervening few years, LocumOrganiser had been invented. I saw it advertised on social media and heard other people talk about it so had a look at the website and downloaded a trial. Now, imagine finding something that makes you so happy you actually dance around the room. Well I did. The way that the team have created this website means that invoicing, pension forms, expenses etc is almost effortless once you have put in a few details to start with. The other thing that they have done brilliantly are the help bits. I have found answers to questions I had quickly and easily. The team are also easily contactable for any questions that I had. Sometimes you find something that takes away an issue that has been using up so much of your headspace fretting about it………..locum organiser is one of those things. Genius."

    Portfolio GP

  • "All the best and thanks again for all your work and efforts - I really do like the website and it satisfies the 'completer finisher' in me to use it."

  • Dr. John Cosgrove

    "I found your site so easy to use, whether on my computer or mobile. Once set up, I was able to send invoices before even leaving the surgery at the end of the day, confident that Locum Organiser was tracking my finances. Having worked as a locum previously, many years ago, I was dreading having to spend my evenings doing admin but LO has taken care of all of that for me!"

    FRCGP, Salaried GP, Sandbach, Cheshire

  • "Locum Organiser is completely brilliant and a very helpful tool. Thank you! "

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